High Quality Trainers

Tailored Training Sessions

Our trainers deliver bespoke training sessions, tailored to the individual.

For the learner, this means they learn what they need to know and what will benefit their unique circumstances the most.

Our trainers are also knowledgeable in theories of multiple intelligences and cognitive principles.

This allows them to understand the uniqueness of each learner and deliver training to suit their learning style.

Designed to support you during a funding audit, all the reports can be uploaded to your e-portfolio system meaning that they’re available instantly should they be required for a funding audit – or via your systems if your TAs have forgot to uploaded them.

Disability Confident

It's part of our job to train individuals with a wide variety of disabilities.

e-Quality Learning trainers undergo disability awareness training to ensure they understand the challenges our learners face.

If you want to learn more about the challenges and strengths that disabled individuals can face, download our crib sheets for a helping hand.

Download Crib Sheets. Learning - Physical - Emotional/Psychological

Manufacturer Accredited

When it comes to training, it's important that the person training you knows the technology inside out.

They need to know everything, from the basic features to the most advanced.

All of our trainers undergo manufacturer accredited training to achieve certified trainer status, meaning they are experts on the technology.

This means that every one of our learners is in safe hands.

Minimum PTLLS Qualified

We only employ trainers who are passionate about training people. The instinct and desire to help others achieve is a trait that all of our trainers share.

It's important to us that they undergo the appropriate teaching training in order to be able to perform at their maximum.

That's why we ensure that all of our trainers are a minimum of PTLLS qualified (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector).

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